Mangosteen Skin Care

A new skin care line has launched that uses the Xanthones from the Mangosteen fruit. This allows the benefits of the Mangosteen to be applied topically and absorb right into your skin.

This new skin care line is a revolutionary new product using only natural ingredients. It uses the Mangosteen fruit peel, a fruit that has been used for centuries as a folk remedy in Southeast Asia. It features BioActive X3 processes which are bio-fermentation processes using the Mangosteen pericarp peel. This amplifies its purity, potency, and energy far beyond traditional scientific processes, multiplying the effectiveness.

Also, it does not contain any of the harsh and dangerous chemicals that are found in most skin care these days. It is safe and more effective than most skin care.

Below are some testimonial from people who have just begun using the new mangosteen skin care products:

“Before using the oil, I had dry puffy eyes. I seriously thought about surgery. Now they are back to normal. I don’t have to do surgery now. Some of my brown spots are fading. I am so excited to get all the products!” –Debbie L.

“Where to begin, let me see, the wrinkles around my eyes are gone. The wrinkles and bags under my eyes have disappeared. The deep lines around my nose and mouth are much smaller in depth. My skin is supple and fresh looking, instead of looking 75 people tell me I look in my late 50’s or early 60’s. What a great compliment! It has made me change the way I see myself. Instead of being ravished by my chemo therapy I see myself as beautiful once more.” –Lorrie H.

“I have been using [mangosteen skin care]religiously since the second week of June. Six weeks later, I have skin that is noticeably less broken out, smoother complexion, and less appearance of wrinkles. I have spent the last 20 years spending a lot of money trying to get my skin ‘under control’. Nothing has EVER given me the results I am currently experiencing with [mangosteen skin care]. People are mistaking me for 10-20 years younger than I really am.” –Shannon W.

“We absolutely love the mangosteen pericarp oil. It is the ONLY thing that has helped our son’s eczema in the last year that doesn’t make his skin burn. It is soothing and the only thing he asks for when he is itchy.” –Tommy J.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to try the mangosteen pericarp oil on my ankle where I had Melanoma Cancer last fall. In May it was the size of a quarter and very raised and red looking. I have been applying the oil twice a day. It is looking so much better. The skin has a much smoother look and with no ridges where they had to do the skin graph. It is not nearly as rd and the normal skin color is showing through.” –Mary M.

“Once I began using [mangosteen skin care], within 3 days my skin looked and felt better than it ever has in my entire life. I was hooked! Over the next 6 weeks or so (this stuff is so concentrated-lasts FOREVER!!!!!!) I used only [mangosteen skin care]until I ran out of the moisturizer. I reluctantly went back to my old reliable Lauder moisturizer and Lancome serum. As soon as I put the Lauder on my skin was mad. I felt it drying out and my skin felt like wax-I was amazed! I used the Lauder for about 2 weeks out of necessity until I was able to get a replenishment of [mangosteen skin care]. Within 3 minutes of using the [mangosteen skin care] my skin went back to what it was when I’d been using it. I used it over the weekend and Yasue noticed a difference in my skin by the following Monday. This stuff is incredible!! I’m SO excited about what will happen once people really give it a try!” –M.M.

“I have been using 5 out of the 6 products for 2 weeks now. I never expected these kind of results to tell you the truth and certainly not this fast! I noticed by the fourth day that my skin was changing, the texture becoming smoother, tighter, more supple & is glowing. I can actually feel the products working on my skin after applying them. My skin is becoming more and more soft everyday. Now I am noticing the broken capilaries I have from childbirth 4 yrs ago are fading. I can’t imagine a woman would ever want to put makeup on her face again after using [mangosteen skin care]!!!” –Krista G.

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