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Mangosteen Fruit

Mangosteen Fruit

Many people have heard about the mangosteen but don’t know exactly what is Mangosteen. The mangosteen is an exotic, tropical fruit from Southeast Asia. It’s about the size of a tangerine, and is known to be one of the best tasting fruits in the world.

Mangosteen trees can only grow in humid, tropical climates that do not get below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, which rules out most of the continental United States. They grow 20 to 80 feet tall and usually do not bear fruit for at least 10 years.

The mangosteen is not widely known in the U.S. due to restrictive importation laws. But for people who are familiar with the mangosteen, it is considered quite a delicacy. Recently, mangosteens imported from Puerto Rico were selling for $11 per fruit in New York City.

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